Feature Request: Reply-To / Forward multiple emails at once.

Basically this: 

It allows the user to reply to (or forward) multiple emails at once *separately* by appending the same content to the beginning (if top-posting) to each individual email.

This is really useful for a bunch of different industries. Anything that requires a competitive bidding process, for example, would benefit from this.

We will probably end up purchasing Outlook and Kutools in order to get this functionality.

I’m a big fan of eMClient. This feature would be a fantastic “differentiator”.

Hi Davide, have you tried using “Templates” in eM Client?
Please go to Tools > Settings > Mail > Template and signatures, you can setup a template for your account and setup to automatically include the template for each new message, reply or forwarded message.

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That solution is not dynamic enough for my needs.

Example : If I send out a request for proposal and the bid has been awarded I would like to be able to quickly select 53 messages, quickly type up a reply and hit send.


53 people now know to stop working on the job. 

Hi again Davide, you might find distribution lists useful along with this feature, just setup a template and compose a new message from a selected template, instead of typing in manually 53 addresses, just create a distribution list for this group of people by selecting them in your contacts, right click the selection and select “Create new distribution list”, then you can send the message as Mass mail to the distribution list for example.

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Unfortunately for my purposes this doesn’t work.  The distribution lists are too permanent a structure.  My use case is reply in a particular way at a particular time to a particular selection of emails.  Yet I want to send out individual replies. 

Here is another variation on the theme. http://www.addictivetips.com/web/batch-reply-for-gmail-chrome/  Not quite as nice as the KuTools solution (presuming either of these work as advertised) but addresses the same problem.

Hi again, thank you for your suggestion even though this is not a currently planned feature, we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases of eM client. I hope you can manage to use the current settings in the meantime.

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Just as feedback I would like to report here that both of the gmail based solution did not work for me. I will report back as to whether the KuTools + MS Outlook works.

I am reporting back that KuTools does not work as I would have liked it to.  It does not understand that if I am replying to an selections of emails that I sent my intent is to send emails to the “To:” fields.  A simple work-around would be for KuTools Multi-Reply to support “Reply All”.

Here’s a hypothetical (very real and very common) scenario:

I send out a “Request For Proposal” to a list of vendors in the morning. That same afternoon *before anyone has had a chance to replied* we get an update from one of the designers, updating the project. All of the vendors that I emailed in the morning need to know about this update ASAP.  This can be 100 vendors on a big project.

In the feature I envision I would simply select all of the emails I had send out and hit “Multi-Reply”. In the resultant compose window I would compose the message and just hit send.   Done.   All vendors updated.

Please consider supporting this feature.   It would be very appealing to a certain group of users being that this feature is essentially non-existent elsewhere.

Hi Davide, thank you for the suggestion, it’s unfortunately not possible to reply to multiple messages at once, however you can setup a template and send the template to an existing distribution list in eM Client, that way you can send a mass message, however mass replies are not supported.

We’ll consider adding the feature to future releases.

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You would have a segment of the email using population that would be very very “sticky”. I can guarantee it.   (I cannot guarantee how big that segment is)  Thanks.

Thank you for your feedback regarding this feature, we’ll consider our options regarding this feature.
We’ll keep you posted on a possible development of the feature.

Thank you,