Feature request re Unread Messages

I would like to be able, within each folder, to click on a single button and only see the unread messages in that particular folder. That Unread Messages button should be, optionally, at the top of the screen/folder list, like the reply, reply all, etc. buttons. Press it once, and see just the unread messages in just that folder. I should then be able to sort those messages and have all the functionality as if that were the full folder. Perhaps something at the top should tell me that I’m only looking a the Unread messages, so I don’t confuse it with the view of all the messages.

Press it, or another similar button, and the entire list is visible again.

The Unread Messages folder, with all the unread messages from all of the folders, defeats the purpose of the folders that have been so carefully constructed.

Thanks for considering this.

Click"Menu / Settings / General " and enable Favorites. You will then see the “Global Unread folder” at the top left in eM Client as in @steveshank unread example below in blue.


We have that in 9.0 in the column header:

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