Feature request: Please, please, PLEASE give us a viable search function in the next version.

I’ve joined the chorus of those looking for a search function that really works in eM Client many times, but I thought I’d bump the issue again. Search for “r and company” in eM Client (all folders/subject, sender, recipient, body)  got…ZERO results.

Search in twenty (20) year-old Eudora for the same thing…see for yourself.

In under one second.

I keep Eudora as a mirror because if I have to look for something eM Client is too useless on many occasions (such as this one, today, obviously).

Thanks. DGI

PS: It wasn’t a problem with the ampersand. Yes, Eudora was smart enough to know that & = and, but I tried it both ways in eM Client, and no results.

Hi David,
can you please post screenshots of the search criteria you’re using for search?
What version of eM Client are you currently using?

If you’re looking for an email ID which contains the & sign, you can not replace it with and in eM Client, as eM Client’s search is going through the headers of your emails, and the header simply does not contain the “and” word, but the ampersand sign. I’m sorry you’re missing this feature from Eudora, but eM Client has lots of other useful features.

We can consider adding the feature for future releases, thank you for the suggestion.

Thank you for understanding,

I tried it both with and without the ampersand as I mentioned in the PS. The problem was, in part, that in eM Client many of the mails had been sent to trash, and by default eM Client doesn’t search trash, which seems like a very bad decision to me. The other problem is that eM Client searches only the specific category of address in the address line, not the “user name” or whatever the tech. term is - the name in “quotation marks” that precedes the actual address (eg: In the example jsmith@abc.com> eM Client is completely blind to the “john smith” part).

I am using the most up-to-date eM Client (6.0.20617.0) and the criteria were in my original mail (all folders/subject, sender, recipient, body). I’m not going to post more screen shots, haven’t the time. But I’d just like the team to understand that it’s very frustrating. I use the Eudora application as a “safety”, but I shouldn’t have to do that. It is frustrating because I should not have to “meet the search function halfway” by figuring out how to get it to work for me. My eM Client search simply shut me out, saying, essentially, that I “never rec’d any mail from that source”. I knew that I had. So then, in the middle of work at a critical time, I had to scour my imagination to figure out how to explain to eM Client what I was looking for in terms it would understand. Eudora has a search function that is as simple as a rock. SEARCH FOR ANY STRING, ANYWHERE. That should be eM Client’s goal. Thanks.

Hi David, I was not able to replicate this issue as I have no issues when looking for the sender’s ID using any of the words actually used.
You can install a later release of eM Client and check if the issue persists.

Trash is not included in the search but after confirming the search an option to display found emails in the Trash matching the criteria.

Thank you,

Thanks, that has been helpful at times. In this particular case, though, eM Client found nothing, because what I was searching for was in the part of the address line in quotation marks.

My hope is that future search functions will be less rigid and more useful. I use my mail client as a sort of database, and the search is key.

Best, DGI