Feature request: More keyboard shortcuts

Feature request: More keyboard shortcuts, please! I could do so many more things in Thunderbird with my keyboard. Thanks.

Coming from Outlook 2010 (for calendars and contacts) as well as Emacs+VM (for email), I miss having configurable hot keys and other keyboard shortcuts.

In comparison, eM is crazy inefficient for dealing with 100s of emails per day. Having to reach for the touchpad/mouse instead of just typing a key or short sequence of keys is a dealbreaker.

For example, I’d love a single-key keyboard shortcut for move to Archive. For now, I’m using Alt-A (to bring up the actions menu) followed by A to move to Archive.

Or to move to a specific folder, I can use either Ctrl-Shift-V or Alt-A M , but then when the folder list comes up, there seems to be no way to use the keyboard to choose one of the folders. Here, I’d love to be able to type the first letter (or first few letters) of a folder name to choose the destination folder. Right now, I can’t even use the arrow keys to choose a folder from the list because the keyboard focus is on the OK/Cancel buttons, not on the list.

(My current workaround for this last issue is to use Categories – I categorize emails using the Ctrl-Fn keys, and then when I’m done scanning through my emails, I sort by Categories and then use my mouse/trackpad to move the groups of categorized emails to their corresponding folders.)

I hear you, Andy. Shocking that the developer hasn’t responded to this in 3 months. I’m very close to asking for my money back.

I’ve worked in software development, BTW, and adding these shortcuts would take very, very little time. Hey, “eM Client Inc. employees [who] are here to help,” are you seeing any of this?

Hello, We are seeing this:) There will be a Ctrl+Shift+A shortcut for moving to archive as well as letter-lookup in the folders list. Also the keyboard focus problem will be resolved - thanks for pointing this out.

I’ve just created account specifically to +1 this request. eM Client looks like a solid thing, but is currently plagued with many bugs (I’ve found 4 serious issues just in few hours of usage) and annoying ommisions, like that lack of keyboard shortcuts to cover the most common workflow.

Overall, I’m afraid version 5.0 still isn’t a serious contender in the space of pro email clients, even though I’d really wish it to be. I’ll stick to Outlook and Thunderbird and wait for 6.0. Hopefully we’ll see at least better shortcuts and some bug fixes there.

I think you’re spot on about eM Client not being a serious contender. It’s marketed as such, but I’ve found Outlook to be far superior (excluding full Google sync).