Feature Request: Mail account colors

I have a ton of email accounts i have to handle, and having them all with a grey avatar is neat, but not helpful. I fiddled around a bit and notice that i can use the same workaround as in thunderbird by adding a rule for each mail account to add a tag to the mail, and then let the client show mails in the color of the tag.

Since Mail Account colors are a feature requested since 2014, and now we have… well, 2023 – is this somewhere on the list of planned features?

I am starting my new company this year and i am currently looking for a client that helps me increase the workflow for everybody, so I thought i’d ask.
So far I really like em client, but still wonder if i should buy it or wait and see what the thunderbird rework would look like. So far, they are both on the same level for me. :slight_smile:

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Yeah - this would be REALLY helpful!

My solution was changing the avatar of each account.

I downloaded the logos for ICLOUD, GOOGLE MAIL, and OUTLOOK and then went into ACCOUNTS and under GENERAL for each account, dragged/uploaded the custom icon. Now, with a unique Avatar/icon for each account, I instantly can see which one a message is from in the list.

I do agree that the developer could go a step further and assign colors to each account to make things easier.