Feature request: Keyboard shortcut to change conversation view


can you, please, consider implementing a keyboard shortcut for cycling between the different conversation views (Menu > View > Conversations)?
As a former Thunderbird user I got so much used to a shortcut to quickly switch between the “threaded” and “unthreaded” view. I would very much like to have the same experience in emClient if it is not too difficult to implement.

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Can you explain a little bit about why you constantly need to change the view as there may be another scenario that will work better for you.

Well, I probably don’t really need to “constantly” change between the views. I guess it is my old habit from TB.

There are times when the content of my mailbox is better viewed as conversations (typically when I am in the middle of some project) and other times when the classic view is better (typically when I am between the projects).

Conversation view is better for me to see relationship between emails, classic view is better for sorting emails to folders.

I am still new to emClient and I guess I still need to learn. Old habits from TB die hard.

Is there any update on this?

I usually go with conversations but sometimes I need to locate one email. I usually know date when it was received. A have Search Folder called “All Mail” and it would be nice if I could switch to it and see all emails as plain list.