Feature request; EXPORT TO .PST

Hi all,

export emails to .eml single files is creating a huge mess. Worst, if I have to make a research in the past it’s a nightmare as I have reimport thousands of emails stored in monthly folders.




There is no advantage to importing a pst file over importing the eml files, as they will take the same number of keystrokes/clicks when using Menu > File > Import, and you end up with the same result. But there is an advantage of eml over pst as you can drag a folder of eml files directly into eM Client, which you can’t do with pst files, so that is a lot easier and quicker than going through the import steps. There is also an advantage of eml files as they can be opened directly without any need to import. Just double click on the file and eM Client will open it without importing.

But probably better to just keep the messages in eM Client in the first place, and not export them. Then they will always be available for searching.

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Hi Gary,

thanks for your answer. A few points:

  1. as I sync my drive to a backup one every day I cannot afford eM Client directory to grow geometrically to several GB. In addition, I also have to free space online. Therefore, I have to export.

  2. Currently, I have thousands of eml files arranged in several folders. Often I have had issues copying from one folder to another as sometimes there are special characters or something else in the eml file names that upset Windows. As consequence, I have to proceed copying just a few of them each time to find the eml files that upset Windows. For instance I have just tried to move folders containing eml files to a Windows compressed folder and Windows did not allow that due to special characters not supported.

  3. Again thousands and thousands of files must be checked every time I sync and that takes time.

  4. I am currently testing a compression solution using 7.zip app. It works if you open the archive with 7.zip. Please note that Windows still refuse to open the zip file generated by 7.zip due to special characters not supported.