Feature Request: enable labels in Fastmail

Hi there,

I added my FastMail account to eM Client and noticed that labels are not shown as they are in my GMail accounts. FastMail supports this now (a relatively new feature), and I have it enabled. I’d like to see support for this in eM Client, as it is essential to my workflow.

Typically I will create rules on the server to auto-label messages, leaving Inbox alone. That way, when I read the email, I can archive (aka remove inbox label) and keep a copy without needing to explicitly “move” it. All of this works flawlessly with gmail accounts.

Maybe this can be done already with FastMail, but I am yet to discover the option.


I would suggest to contact Fastmail to contact eM Client about updating this new (Fastmail) label option, as Fastmail would need to organize an API to eM Client to then sync like Gmail labels do.

The API already exists - and I’m reasonably sure it is gmail compatible.

Airmail (Mac, iOS) already supports labels for FastMail accounts.


The API already exists - and I’m reasonably sure it is gmail compatible

If the Fastmail API already supports that, then I would change your title into a “Feature Request”.

Done! thanks, cyberzork

You need to change Your Subject Selection (Category) to a (Feature Request) like this.

Currently your Category at the top is “Mail” in Green colour. So needs to change the Category.

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I see all the talk here about changing the title and category but nothing about the feature request itself.

I would love to have labels supported better than they are now. Being able to see the labels a message is tagged with as well as conversation view not duplicating mail with multiple labels would be amazing.

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same as the previous comment - i’d like to see an update on this feature request

Same, would be great.