Feature request: Delete shortcut key in e-mail message window, and automatic close on Reply and Forward

Missing Delete keyboard shortcut in e-mail message window. I don’t seem to be able to use either Alt+D like on the list view, or any similar key combination (Crtl+D, Del, etc…). This is useful for folks who don’t use the message panel.

I second this. If future versions could auto-close an open message as soon as “Reply”, “Reply All” or “Forward” were clicked, I’d be thrilled.

Both the features are on our official feature requests list and we will consider them. They will be maybe available in one of the future versions of eM Client.

Add my vote. Stupid not to have “Close on Reply”. Standard feature elsewhere. When you’re done with an email, you want to go on to something else, not be futzing around with clicking out of something you shouldn’t even have to be dealing with.