Feature Needed : Sieve Compatibility

It will be wonderfull if you can add sieve compatibility. I use my own server with dovecot + SieveManager, and actualy i use RoundCube to set my server filters.

A plugin of a native function in em Client to use remote sieve manager of the server will be wonderfull.

Do you think is possible ?


I have the same set-up. A managesieve client would be nice indeed, especially as it’s so very uncommon in clients.

That would certainly be fantastic. It doesn’t even need to be very elaborate, just look at how the Thunderbird plugin handles it. I just need a text editor, no fancy GUI or anything. Just something to save me from having to SSH into my mail server just to modify Sieve rules.

Hi, this will most likely not be implemented as eM Client does not support plugins.


Yes, another vote for impelemting server side filters (sieve) manager.

i’d also like to see a managesieve implementation

i’d also like to have managesieve support in emClient, especially an easy to use “mark as spam” function.

And another “would be great” from me.

 managesieve vote++

Quite an old thread, but still relevant. I’d love to see this implemented.

It seems that managesieve is (unfortunately) not well known, but an intelligent implementation would be really awesome. Crazy, that there are literally no apps or clients to manage sieve scripts in a sophisticated way. 

Yes, I would use this as well.

Upvote! It would be nice to have that feature.