Favourites Field

A favourites field under “Mail” on the left hand side of the screen would be useful - I use a lot of folders and I am forever scrolling up and down

Hi, you can create your own favourites field already as they are implemented and called “Search Folders”.


Thanks Jan - is there somewhere in the help you can direct me to that explains this? I have searched for “Search Folders” but cannot bring anything up.


I think ‘search folders’ are folders you can create based on rules you can define. For example you can call a search folder ‘from Mike Evans’ in which automatically all e-mail from Mike Evans will be stored.

By the way, I think this is a ‘virtual’ storage…I mean all e-mails from Mike Evans are probably still in their original folders, but they will also be shown in the ‘search folder’.

This is not the same as showing for example the 5 most favorite folders on top of the local folders list.

Thanks Hans - I understand now. Yes, I was seeking / suggesting a concept of favourites as in “Outlook” which is obviously a different approach. Anyway, at least I understand the “search folders” approach so thanks again.


Yes, “Search folder” are virtual folder consisted of folder which pass their filters, so yes, all emails are physically located in their folders.


I see, unfortunately we do not plan to implement favourite folders like outlooks has, as you have written in eM client we have different approach to them.


The search folders work as well, but is there an option to show the number of unread items next to the search folder?

Hi unfortunately there’s no option to display this at the moment, it’s been saved as a feature request and we’re considering adding the feature to future releases. Hopefully you can now manage to use the current settings.

Thank you for understanding,