Favorites: Main Folder with sub folders as one folder

Would be nice if it will be possible that I can put a main folder in the Favorites and then also have all the sub folders in my favorite bar so that I don’t have to put all my folders in the favorites as a single folder.

Also would it be nice if I can see then the total amount of unread emails in the main folder including the sub folders.

As an Example
Main folder(10)
|- Sub Folder 1(3)
|-Sub Folder 2(2)
|-Sub Folder 3(5)

So I would add the Main Folder in the favorites and see directly that it has 10 unread mails total in the Main folder.


Just “right click” on your folder you want in favorites and click “add to favorites”.

That’s not what I mean. I know how to add folders but as in my example I don’t want habe 3 Folders in my Favorites I only want have one (Main folder and then drop down)
Background ist that I don’t want have all my sub folders in the favorites only the Main folders and then also able to see of there is a new email arrived (sorted by rules in that folders)

Exaple from my old Email software see screenshot.17-03-_2021_00-22-47

I don’t think that is the purpose of Favorites, which implies just a few folders. If you add the whole folder structure to Favorites, then how is that different from having it in it’s original location?

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Well in my old Email app what was based on Thunderbird the addon Quickfolders did the Trick.

Well the advantage is that I don’t have to scroll each day through all the folders and have my 10 or 15 Main folders in the Favorite view, so that I can see directly where a new emails must pay attention to. Some of them I only have to read others I have to answer.
When after a while I don’t need to take care about it I remove it from there but still have it in my Folders for history purpose.
The advantage in that is that I don’t have to scroll through all my folders constantly to see if there is a new email in a important folder or what makes also the same work move each day instead of creating a rule the emails in the folders.

The other problem I have is also that in the main folder will be not shown if there are emails in it if the emails are in one of the sub folders so you also have not only scroll down you also have to expand them to check if there are mails into it.

Example EM client:

Example Old client:

You see at EM Client I can’t see in that folder that there are 2 Emails in a sub folder in the old client I can see it.

So somehow I try to be more productive and thought Favorites would be a good way to do.

I hope I explained clear enough why it makes in my eyes sense.

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Perhaps this will help… or not.

I changed all my folders (right-click) to “Show if unread”. All folders remain “hidden” under the “More” indicator until a new mail arrives and the folder(s) then appear above the “More” indicator and stay there until read and then go back into ‘hiding’.

Makes for a neat folder list, for me at least.

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First of all thank you for your answer.

Now I understand what you mean with your answer. Unfortunately this only works with the main folder but not with the subfolders. There you have no possibility to choose “Show only if unread emails are there”.

So (even if they don’t update automatically or have to be run again and again) the only sensible solution will be to work with search folders and then check them regularly.

For professional use with 5 email accounts and currently about 35 folders that you want to keep track of constantly, not really a satisfactory solution.

Yes, I would also like to +1 this recommendation for some sort of folder shortcut functionality to key folders (Thunderbird plugin example is QuickFolders). I have many tags in my Gmail, but several are used a lot and it would be nice to have a quick way to access them and file mail rather than scrolling up and down through the list all of time. Right click > Tagging is just as annoying with the endless cascading. Being able to pin there would help as well as an alternative.

We just switched our office from Outlook to eM Client and are very satisfied with the programm.
The option “add to Favourites” and the checkbox “include Subfolders” is indeed missing.

I am shure the developers can include such a function.