Favorites folder has disappeared

I have just installed 8.1.1060 on a new Windows 10 install. I am currently using the free version but if after testing it it meets my needs will upgrade to one of the paid licenses. I have not used eM Client before.

After successfully adding two email servers*, the "Favorites folder appeared and I was able to add/make visible the folders that I wanted to it. The problem arose when, while adding and removing folders from Favorites using the right-click menu, I accidental hit “Favorites” in that menu and apparently turned it off. So there is no more “Favorites” folder visible. And I have not been able to find a way to turn it back on. So my question: How do I turn the Favorites folder back on again?


  • gmail went fine. at&t did not. eM Client<->att OAuth, or whatever it is, does not work right and requires manual setup. It does this without any guidance on what the problem is or what to do about it. eM Client just says that although it can find the server, it can’t log in. I have not had that problem with any of the other email clients that I have tried. It took me a fair amount of googling to figure out what was happening. Anyway, it’s working fine now.

In Menu >> General >> General
Select (tick) “Show Favorite folders”.

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Perfect. Thank you very much!

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