Favorite folders UNREAD message count missing


I wonder if the option below exists or can be implemented if missing.

By creating a rule, messages go to a folder and once that folder is added as Favorite, the unread message count is missing. It will be a nice to have feature.

JS folder has 5 UNREAD message while ALL INBOX folder has one. User should be able to see UNREAD message count of any folder without having to move out from the Inbox. The UNREAD count of 6 is not enough because it is a generic one.

Screenshot attached.


@StevenB77 EM Client is currently designed to show all unread messages (from any folder) in the “Unread” Smart Folder. No option i am aware of to change that. Here is a thread on the subject.

Hi, perhaps you might be interested in setting all folders to “Show if unread”. That might negate the need for “Favorite” and will show the unread count.

I use this in place of “favorite” and keeps the folder list neat and uncluttered since the folders will be ‘removed’ once the emails are read and folder list is refreshed.

Just a thought…