Unread message count not rolling up from sub folders

I’m getting in trouble with clients because their emails are being forwarded by rules to sub-folders within the inbox. In some cases those sub-folders are two layers deep as Client projects sometimes warrant a second level of organization.
I have many clients so keeping all of the folder tree open becomes cumbersome. When I toggle sub-folders to hidden I can’t see the new email count any longer.
I’m guessing that because this is a numeric string that it can be accessed, summed and re-displayed at the higher folder levels. Could this be added to the next build please?

Hi, eM Client does not show unread messages for subfolders.


That is lame.

smart view for unread messages should show all unread messages or it’s a problem. What is the point of having rules to sort your incoming messages if you can’t view them under unread?

Hello Brian,
I am not sure if you understood the issue here correctly. What was discussed here that main folders do not show the unred count of subfolders below, unless they are opened.

The Smart folder Unread shows all messages, no matter what actual folder they are in.