Fast tag sorting

Is there a way to sort more quickly through tags? I am using the Email Stack method, and using tags to identify actions(i.e. reply, do, meet, review…). I have a couple of issues that are making this process lead to extra work, and emails falling through the cracks.

  1. When I “sort by” ‘tag’ it lists emails without a tag first, which wouldn’t be a problem usually, but the email freezes up when you are hiding 18,000+ emails.
  2. I can’t sort the order of the tags in terms of importance.
  3. If an email has multiple tags, it shows up with other identically tagged emails, and is moved from the areas of importance, and can possibly get lost for an extended amount of time.
  4. On the right-hand column, can there be an option to sort by individual tags?

thank you

You can show Tag folders along with your other folders.

Go to Menu > Settings > General and select Show Tag folders for Mail.

Maybe that will help.

Yes, this makes it much easier, thank you.