Fanfare for New Mail arriving

Can you extend the play time and “tune” of the new email notification sound. Mine is just a one second blast which is often missed

Yes, you can.

Go to Tools > Settings > General > Notifications

select an audio file for ‘incoming mail’.

screen shot:

Hi Hans
Thanks for the quick response. I have already done the Go to Tools > Settings > General > Notifications and the speaker is there with no X through it but I cannot find how to get the sound to play for longer. The short blast it gives is only about a second and I often miss it.

Hi, unfortunately you cannot make the sound to play for a longer time, but you can use your own sound on receive or choose on of the ones we’re using (which is more appropriate for you).

I hope this was a helpful answer,

Hi Paul Thanks for the info. Where do i find your sounds to try and if i want to add my own how do i do it
Cheers Peter

Hi, in the screenshot provided by Hans you can see a little folder icon on the right side of the window click on that Icon and navigate through folders, it automatically starts in the folder where our sounds are located so it should be easy enough.

Hope it helps,