faltam várias opções

**Falta agendamento para enviar e-mail mais tarde;
*Não importou as subpastas da caixa de entradas apesar de ser imap, saidas ok;
*Criei subpastas por não ter importado nas entradas mas desaparecem;
Divisão de colunas não tem, fica estranho da maneira que está;
Barra de menu a esquerda é ruim, prefiro a barra antiga na parte superior;
  obs:  **faz muita falta
            *erro do programa (bug)

To send your message later, click the down arrow next to Send and choose Delayed Send.

I am only answering the first question. Can you please ask your questions in English as this is an English language forum, and please ask each question in a separate thread. Otherwise it becomes difficult to answer so many different topics in one thread. 

If you are getting a program error, (erro do programa (bug)) please post the error otherwise it is not possible to comment.

Not sure what column splitting is (Divisão de colunas não tem). Can you explain further.

“Barra de menu a esquerda é ruim, prefiro a barra antiga na parte superior”

I think this is a design choice for a more modern simplified interface. It has been like this for about 3 years. Did you just upgrade from version 6, or just only now commenting on it?

“Não importou as subpastas da caixa de entradas apesar de ser imap”

It may be that your mail server is not fully compatible with eM Client. Who is your email provider?

there are no rows separating the columns, I don’t know where it starts and ends, ex:
| of             | subject                       | Received                   |
| so and so | report for verification | 23/08/2019 15:43 hs |

I did not update, downloaded and installed this version (7) I’m using, could have menu option like ha in firefox and thunderbird, but blz no problem.

I created subfolders to import the entries, but disappears after reboot, this is the error.

the email provider is yahoo, the subfolders use for rules to separate the senders that are the most important and that i receive most often.

thank you very much

Where did you create the sub folders? Was that in eM Client?

It was like that in version 6, but was changed 3 years ago to the more simple modern interface.

yes, right-click mose over inbox and selected new folder …

All the IMAP folders from your Yahoo! account should show up in eM Client. However, if you have setup your account as POP3, you will not get the sub-folders.

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and click on your Yahoo! account. Do you see IMAP/SMTP tabs or POP3/SMTP tabs?

I never set pop3, always imap, but still didn’t import the subfolders of the inbox.