failure at synchronizing google contacts directory

I am logging into gmail via a 3rd party ( that is using google to handle their email. eM Client works perfectly in all respects except when it tries to connect to the global directory for contacts at Mid Michigan Community College. That appears on the gmail website as “Directory” under my personal contacts. The synchronization fails when trying to sync with that directory and says it is only a temporary error:
This issue has shown up in past years and versions but I have never seen a good answer on what causes the problem. Suggestions included repair of the gmail contacts but those solutions don’t seem to fit the current version of Gmail’s website. Any help is appreciated.

Does the synchronization actually work?  I do see this occasionally, and is due to eM Client having a fixed timeout parameter.  It will try again and usually succeeds.  More of a nuisance than anything else. 

Yes, some (250) directory files are synced. It continues to try every 10 minutes and never completely succeeds. Just hundreds of error messages constantly popping up.
If  I delete the “Directory” folder in eM Client then the error messages stop. However, if I exit from eM Client and start it again then the “Directory” folder reappears and I get another 250 records before the error messages begin again.

Well for some reason after leaving the eM Client running all night, next morning the problem stopped. I don’t know if this was an issue at Google but the whole blooming Directory of the Community College (74,955 records) is now available within eM Client. At least I am not inundated with errors now just a very long time (about 5 minutes) to re-sync the Directory. You can close this issue and thanks to Jay for the input.