failed with an error: Invalid Value

Constantly get this “An error occurred Uploading events to calendar ‘[myacct][Acalendar]/’ failed with an error: Invalid Value” and new events do not load. Any ideas?

please download and install fixed version from and let me know if the problem reoccurs.

Experiencing the same problem as described above using eM Client 4.0.15188.0 since I was changing the category for 246 items in my calendar from “Geschäftlich” to “Business”

could you send me a copy of the error message? Thank you.

By the way it still sync’s everything but the message still appears occasionally. Shall I send you the report? Need the e-mail address I should send it to.

I also get this message every time I restart eMclient. Version 4.0.15145.0. I “Ignore” it but it is puzzling. All events in my calendar seem OK.

James Dickin

Sorry George - cannot see any comment from you. Am I missing something?


He just provided his email address so I was able to send the failure report.

Hi It’s James again. Was this ever resolved? If so could someone let know how.

One minor observation “Calendar” is spelt wrongly (calender) in the message.

here is the fixed version:…
also thank you for reporting that misspelled Calendar. I will fix it asap, but this change will not appear sooner than in the next major release.

Hi Juraj

Regrettably the error is still appearing every time eMclient is started. Since installing the “fixed” version the error message has changed slightly; from

“Uploading events to calendar…(MyCalendarAccount@gmail etc).” TO
"Uploading items to folder…etc "

I changed the name of my calendar in Gmail and the error was repeated with the new name.

Please see attached.



Yes, we are aware of that. I replied to your email, but I will post the solution here too (as soon as it is done).

OK - must have missed your previous reply, sorry. Look forward to the solution.



I’am a em-client pro user and have the same problem, version 4.0.15145.0 localized (PT) am you help me
I use em-client for professional work, an i need a that i keep my calendar synconized.



My calendar always functioned OK - i just kept getting this error message. Eventually I solved it by “Repairing” the calendar; as follows-

1 Right click on the problem calendar
2 Select “Properties”
3 Click Repair Tab
4 Click Repair Button

Please read and consider the caution before executing.



PS Don’t know why this route was not suggested by eMclient Support.

To pedro.reia: contact me directly at and describe me the problem in more detail.

To James Dickin: I forgot to post it here. I am sorry.

Hi George, I after following the advise above and repairing calendar I am still experiencing the following problem;

An error occured uploading item(s) to folder “]/” failed with an error: Invalid Value
(version 4.0.15488.0)
Any advice please ?

Send me your GData logs please.


I have the same problem.
I have two calenders. One with a Google apps for business-account, with functions fine and one with a gmail-account, which gives the error as described before.

Creating an event in tthe gmail calander sometimes gives a little bit of trouble. Mostly it swohs up in IE Client, but sometimes it doen’t. But when I check on my gmail-account or on my Android phone, it shows up there. After restarting IE Client, it also shows up there.

I’m using 4.15145.0