Failed at first hurdle.

Could you be a little more specific. What failed: installation, opening the client, adding an account?

Please also give the full error. Screenshots are also very useful. :slight_smile:

I had typed it all out. It disappeared when I hit post. Really don’t have time to chat. I entered my username and password for an office 365 account, to test for business use. It didn’t work, no error messages. I checked the SMTP settings, they were empty. Every other client I’ve ever used pulled these automatically. Was hoping to use something more simple, less bloaty than outlook, well it’s definitely more simple. It doesn’t work as advertised. I have now uninstalled it. 

Actually eM Client works very well with Office 365 and is really simple to setup. There is a setup walk-trough at if that will help.
If you would like to try again, please make a note of the errors which you will find in Menu > Tools > Operations after adding the account.

Yes that is exactly the instructions I followed. It did not connect. NO error messages. 

Just a heads up. I deal with the all the final end support in my company. So assume I’ve checked everything you are going to suggest. Especially the setup instructions. 

I wasn’t really asking for help. Making a statement. I have done this with dozens of other clients, with no issues. Your software failed. Full stop. Maybe you should check for bugs.

Did you miss where I stated it had been uninstalled.

This is a user supported forum, so you are dealing with fellow users and not official eM Client Inc. employees.

I understand you do not wish to resolve this, but as you posted this as a problem on the forum, it might be useful in the unlikely event that others encounter a similar issue, that there should be some resolution.

That’s a fair point. I did look for a way to contact them, it kept sending me here. Another reason for me to avoid this software. Which is a shame. It looked ideal.
Wish you luck finding a fix for
 ‘follow setup instructions exactly, will not connect and no error messages are shown, support unavailable, sent to forum where you are instructed to do what you have already tried 5 times’

Unfortunately there is no direct support from the company unless you have a Pro License. Sometimes they participate here, but it is not regular nor guaranteed. The Pro Support is quite helpful, and I have found them to respond quite quickly. The only option for Free License or trial users is this forum, where you will find a mix of Free and Pro users who can usually help with any issues you may face.