Facebook Chat Functionality Gone

Hi All ~ I logged in today and noticed my Facebook chat contacts were missing.  Upon further investigation, I see that my Facebook account has been deleted and there is no option to create a new Facebook chat account - just GTalk & Jabber.  Is this intentional or an issue caused by a recent update? I’m on version 6.0.22328.0.

Hello Terry, sorry about the inconvenience, facebook chat has been deprecated due to facebook shutting down the support for the feature in 3rd party applications.
It is unfortunately no longer possible for us to include facebook as an application feature for now, facebook currently allows you to use the feature in their native applications only.

Might want to update your website then… This page still has it, not sure about elsewhere… http://www.emclient.com/how-we-compare

Thank you for pointing this out, we’ve edited the site. If you come across any other errors on the web, make sure to let us know.


I raised this at the time - see this thread - https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/facebook-psxychx1jno27

Trillian still provide this functionality and I never got a response back from eM Client support.

Paul, so which provider does the recently announced chat feature use in emClient version 7?

Hello Mike, the chat compatibility is kept, you can synchronise your Jabber or Google Talk account with eM Client or connect several services through transport, we support XMPP chat in general so if your mail service supports it you should be able to use a chat service through your email account as well.
eM client 7 will feature a couple of new chat features on XMPP (XEPs), but does not include support for any new chat providers at the moment. Facebook chat feature has been deprecated due to API deprecation, if you have a recommendation for new service to include, let us know, we’ll be happy to consider including it in future releases.


Hi Paul, how are Trillian doing this then?

Hello, as suggested in the forum topic, the official Facebook documentation is no longer including support for the feature, I’ve found a topic on Trillian support that explains how they’re using the chat feature - http://help.trillian.im/discussions/android/12986-fb-log-on-via-trillian-detected-as-messenger-for-i… , seems like Trillian is authenticating as Messenger through their server, I believe however this is not a valid use for the protocol and may include a couple of security issues.

I’ve however reported this to our developers as well to find out if we could possibly handle the Facebook chat using this way as well. But unfortunately it is not possible to include features that are not documented by Facebook in their APIs.