Facebook chat doesn''t show all my online facebook connections in em client only one connection unstable


Sinds a week of three my online facebook connections won;t show up stable in em client chat only 1 connection would show up for a short period of time but not stable,previously this was not an issue and if there was any problem then it was for a short period of time.
I;m facing this problem for about 2 a 3 weeks.
Do you know about this issue and are you working to resolve this issue?
I,m using windows 7 64 bits.

Can you please send me a message.

Best regards,Geert Van Osch

Are you getting any error messages?

no error messages on this isue,but at the mean time this problem has resolved my online facebook connections will now show up in em-client

I’ve had exactly the same problem, and I can confirm, the problem has resolved.

In the time, the facebook-connection did’t work as described above, I found out that deacticating the facebook-chat and creating a manual chat account with entering the jabber-data for facebook helped.

So, even if the facebook direct chat didn’t work, the chat with facebook via jabber worked perfectly in em Client. So I think, it was a general facebook problem…


Hmm, Facebook chat recently stopped working for me too and setting up a manual Jabber server worked.

Hi, thank you for this information, I believe that our users will find it useful.