Extremely slow cold start up

System Configuration
2.13 Ghz, Intel Core i3 Processor, 3GB Ram. Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit edition with Service Pack 1 applied. Internet Explorer 9 installed.
Latest graphics drivers for my on-board Intel graphics card been installed.

eM Client Configuration :
2 GMail accounts with Contacts and Calendar sync enabled.

When i start eM Client for the first time, it roughly takes around 2 minutes to start up.
Warm startup is fast, will start within 20-30 seconds.

Please suggest some solutions.

I just metered the exact timing of cold startup.
It is exactly 47 second to start the application.
It is way too much.

I’d use EMclient but 35 seconds to boot are too many. Should I continue to use Thunderbird?

Why don’t you try? Raghu’s problem sound like PC/Laptop dependent. I have eM setup for my parent on a old AthlonXP PC with 1GB RAM and it doesn’t take more than 10 second to start-up.

I deleted the files that are not of my tongue. Starting in 25 seconds. (celeron 2.6 GHz, 1 GB RAM, XP SP1). On a notebook (Core2 1.66 GHz, 2 GB Ram, XP SP2) boot in 13 seconds … :-). Begin to use emClient …

I concur on this. Cold startup for EM Client is extremely slow.

Using the latest version of EMClient, on an i7-2600k system, with 8GB Ram and 64-bit OS.

Cold startup for my EM Client is still extremely slow.
I am forced to not use Em Client.

May be your parent’s mail box size is not huge or you have to configured eM Client to store emails offline.

I am using Thunderbird though I like Em Client. Have solved anything?

Did you try to install the latest version of eM Client? If so, how long does the cold startup take?

Hi George,
Thunderbird (17.0.2): 7"
Thunderbird (17.0.2) + Lightning (1.9): 14"
Outlook (2003): 7"
EmClient (5.0.17): 40"
running win xp sp3.

What is the size of your database folder?

About 1.01 Mb, in C:\Documents and Settings\Roberto\Dati applicazioni\eM Client

I have noticed that emclient is slow on initial ‘draw’
This is only a 2/3 sec delay but should not happen with an E8500 + 512MB of graphics (nVidia 8600 GT)
Emclient also uses 175MB ram which seems rather high to me.
I only have 200 emails (offline only), no big attachments.

Ok, thank you all for comments - I will forward them to our developers.

Hi George,
do you have some news?

Yeah, we made few changes so if the problem still persists, email me directly at wilson@emclient.com and I will send you further instructions.