Extracting email from an eMClient backup file

A few months ago I had some email problems that required making a new account. Since I had to do it, I changed from a POP3 to IMAP. I used GMail with eMClient mail client. I created special folders named History and had sub folders named from Season 1 to Season 14. In those folders were filed emails for those particular seasons. Some time in the last month or so, all of the emails were deleted but not the folders. My best guess is that GMail deleted them (they were supposed to notify me first but I did not get a notification) because a space limitation. The folders are also empty using webmail. I have a 2019 eMClient back up that I made when I changed computers due to a hardware failure. I am reluctant to load this old back up since I read a notice that I would probably lose anything newer. I would like to extract those emails if possible to a document file that could be maintained outside of GMail on my PC. Any suggestions on if this is even possible and how one would go about it? Thanks for any input. Ron B

The way Gmail works is all messages are stored in a single folder called All Mail.

Then, they have labels which display them in virtual folders like Inbox, or your Season 1 etc.
It can happen that the labels have just been removed from the messages, so you will still find them in All Mail.

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Thanks for the reply. I was aware of your info plus I checked every folder just to see if they had gotten moved somehow–no luck. GMail has a recovery process that I tried and it was not able to retrieve anything so I am pretty confident the emails were totally deleted. My last hope is that 2019 back up that I have–it should contain Seasons 1 - 13. I have an extra computer that I will install eMClient on but not give it Internet access so it can’t mess up my recent email files. I’ll then try to load the backup to that PC and if it works, I can export the email to .html files. I am still open for any better ideas. Ron B


If the restore still doesn’t work for your old POP or new IMAP Gmail account, and you cannot find your emails in “All Mail” as @Gary advised or in the Gmail “Trash” folder in eM Client, then go online to “Gmail in your browser” and see if you can find / see them there.

If you can see them online but not in eM Client, then suggest to backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and then remove and re-add your Gmail IMAP account via “Menu / Accounts”. Email Client for Gmail and Google Apps | eM Client

If you still cannot find them online in Gmail, then that’s a Google issue with your mail space and suggest to then contact Google via either their Community Forum or Google Chat / Phone support if you are a paid customer. Google Contact details below for Personal or Business Workspace accounts.

Gmail Community (google.com)

Support – Google One

24/7 Phone & Email Support – Google Workspace

Thanks for the reply. I have said from the start that it was a problem created by Gmail and compounded by me not knowing there was a space limitation. I could have pared the email down had I been notified I was over the limit (their supposed procedure). I was able to install eMClient to another PC and restore the backup. I used the export to .html option and it produces enough info about the email (including the preview verbiage) that it will make do as an index for finding stuff. For anything I want to preserve, I will do a screen shot and make a photo of the whole email. I am closing this issue. Thanks again.