Extra line feeds in Signatures

No matter what I do I cannot get the signature to look like it is in the signature editor.
It puts extra line feed between paragraphs so each line of an address will have an extra line feed.

I am mostly doing replies at this stage, and it always adds extra line feeds where none is necessary.

Looks crappy and I can not send this to a potential client.

It sounded like it was fixed in later version but I have the latest and it is still like that.

I like the concept but when the email I send out looks bad it reflects on me and my company.

Hi, could you make screenshot of what you consider is an issue? I need to see it if I can say that it is bug and help you with it or confirm it as feature.


What seems to be happening is I send out an email. The signature is correct (i.e. single spaced). Then I get a reply from certain people (usually smart phones), and when I reply the signature I now send is double spaced. iPhone seems to be the problem.

I can send a copy of an email before and after to you if you like. I would need an email address to do so.