extend to "reply to all" when editing a "reply"

When I reply to an E-Mail by “reply” and during editing I want to extend it to “reply to all”, how can I manage this? There is no button “reply to all” and the menue does not give that option.

The “reply all” button is right next to the “reply” button in the top menu bar. You can also click on “Actions” in the top menu, and then choose “reply all”.

Correct, the buttons are there, but that was not my question. The buttons are only there BEFORE a reply to a mail is made. Once  started to type the reply it is not possible to change to “reply to all” without quitting editing, discarding the changes and start all over again with “reply to all”… 

Hi Thomas,
once you click either Reply or Reply all, it is assumed that you know who you want to reply to. So there is no implemented function to do this.
However you can either copy your reply, delete the current Draft and then just paste it into a newly opened ‘Reply to all’ window or just add the remaining addresses manually.
If you feel this is an important function that you and other users might need though, I can change this to an Idea topic that others can vote on and when our developers look for new features to implement, they can consider adding this one.


Hi Olivia,

thank you for you reply - and yes, please change this one to an idea topic. I use this option on our company mail system (Lotus Notes) quite often and Thunderbird, which I was using before, has this feature, too. So I really miss this feature in the eM- client and the work-around is not very convenient…