Extend search folder functionality

Dear developers,

for me, an important features would be advanced search folder functionalities, e.g. the ability to search for two keywords and to show emails matching both. Apple Mail gives a very good example of what it could/should look like (Outlook not so much).

Best regards


You can already search for as many keywords as you want using both AND and OR searches.

Can you give an example of what you want to search for, and how that is not possible in eM Client?

Dear Gary,

thank you very much for the immediate response. If I fill in two subject fields in the search folder options, the folder correctly narrows down the search. If I concatenate two search terms with an OR then I get even fewer results which suggests that the search function treats booleans like normal text.

Best regards


eM Client does not use the words OR or AND, but can perform such searches.

To search all fields for otrs or wiki, you enter: otrs wiki

To search all fields for otrs and wiki, you enter: otrs text:wiki

How would I, for example;
Search for all emails that contained “abc” in the subject or body ORdef.com” in any of the email addresses?
Thanks in advance for any help