How do I export mail folders and address book from eM Client to Thunderbird?

Hi, you can export all your data using the export function, eM Client can export into all standard formats.
To export your data go to File > Export.

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Yes you can export but not export to PST???

PST is a Microsoft’s data format, so unfortunately we’re unable to export into PST files or store data using these files. PST files are to use with Microsoft’s software only.


How can I export for apple 
I have a apple laptop and pc Desctop and I would like them to sync…
IS this possible

Hi Kenny,
that depends purely on how your accounts are set up.
If you are NOT using a POP account but others (IMAP/Exchange/AirSync) you don’t need to export anything and just add these emails to your apple client. The data will sync with the server.

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I use pop accounts

I see, you can export all your mails into .eml files from eM Client, which is a standard email file, and then you should be able to import the whole folder with those eml files into Apple mail.

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