Exporting mail/calendar/contacts/data/etc. to Outlook 2016

I have searched for directions on how to EXPORT all mail/calendar items/contacts/data/and whatever else is in eMail Client to Outlook 2016.  All that I seem to get is how to IMPORT.  Obviously, not helpful. 

Could you please direct me to a page that details how to go about exporting everything In eMail Client to Outlook 2016?  Or send me directions?  Thanks so much. 

You can do this through Menu > File > Export. But if you need some instructions, you can go to the Help File (F1) and search for Export. The first 4 articles listed are the ones you need. You can export your messages to .eml, your contacts to .vcf, and events and tasks to .ics.

However, if your account is setup as IMAP or Exchange, with online calendar and contacts, then you don’t need to export/import. Just setup the same accounts in Outlook, and the data will sync to that application.