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I am trying to export my contacts to Outlook. I am given two choices a single file, or separate files for each contact. I have over a thousand contacts but when I export them into a single file, it looks like they are all going in, but opening the file reveals only a single contact. When I do them one at a time, there are a thousand separate files. How do I export a single file containing all my contacts?

hi, when I export contacts into single file and then import them back into different folder in eM Client I see everything alright, have you tried this as well?

If Outlook do not supports reading .vcf files as we export them then it is problem of Outlook.


Not a very user friendly response, John. What does “as we export them” mean?

In the past - v.5 - I’ve been able to export a distribution list to a .vcf file and convert to .csv to use in MailChimp because my distribution list is too large for gmail. Now with v.6 that no longer seems possible, or at least something has changed. I can “re-import” into eM Client but that’s of no use; it’s already there. When I convert to .csv now I only get the headings…no actual contacts.

Something has changed. I need to be able to export a distribution list to a usable .vcf, or even better, a .csv file. Is there a solution?

Hi Karl, sorry for the previous answer.

As to the original post, Outlook doesn’t support importing more contacts from a single file, at least not from .vcf files, you’d have to create a folder and  export all contacts into separate files in order to import them into Outlook. As to your question you can export distribution lists into a .vcf file, but as distribution lists are usually handled differently across different platforms I’m afraid you won’t be able to import them into anything else except eM Client and maybe some versions of Apple Mail, other than that, they are probably unsupported by other mail clients, or use a different format.

I hope this helps,

Thanks for the reply, Paul. I have found a work-around that may be helpful for others although it does require a small bit of manual “massaging” the data in the list.

Right click the distribution list in Contacts and select “Show as vCard” which creates a vCard list of email address & Name for all members of the list. By copying the pertinent data, pasting it into Notepad or Excel, etc., I used the Replace function to remove the various “stuff” I didn’t need and replace it with a comma. Then, using Excel’s Text to Columns function I was able to end up with what I could use to create the .csv file I needed, no conversions necessary.

A bit more cumbersome than a simple .csv export would be, but it’s not something I have to do very often.


Glad you’ve managed to find a way and I agree it’s a bit too difficult, maybe we can improve this in the future.
Thank you for your input on this.

Best regards,

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