Exporting Contacts gives a message that I need to select a folder, but nothing finds the folder I select

This was reported quite awhile ago and seemed to be solved. I really would like to export to .csv format as well.

I get a “Please select folder to export” but nothing I do selects the folder. I am running 4.015145.0 with Windows 7.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

in the first place open Tools - Settings and check Show local folders. Then try to export your contacts again and let me know if it helps.

Under Tools - Settings - General, Show local folders was already checked and it doesn’t work either. I tried highlighting Contacts and that gave me the message, then I tried highlighting Local Folders and got the same message.

Can you try to drag and drop your contacts to a folder?

Sorry but I don’t know where to start with 400+ contacts on how to do this.

Select all your contacts by pressing Ctrl+A and drag and drop them to a folder.

I created a new folder under the Local Folder. I can drag and drop the contacts into that folder, but it still will not allow me to select that folder when trying to export. This shouldn’t be that difficult.

My colleague forgot to specify, that you have to copy those contacts out of eM Client.

  1. Create a folder in your documents, named e.g. Exported contacts
  2. Open eM Client and select all your contacts
  3. Drag and drop them to the folder “Exported contacts”