Exporting and Importing settings does not really work

I think it is a great benefit, to be able to export all settings and import them on another location (I e.g. have 4 different machines I’m working and would like to have the same settings). Unfortunately many settings are not stored or restored (do not know where they get lost): I’ve identified:
* colors of calendars
* detail settings of email
* Passwords of accounts (even if I said store them)
* email account details like ssl-usage for smtp

So it is not a big help, when it is not clear, which settings are stored and which not.

Is it saver to copy all of the files within c:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\eM Client to another machine?

what version of eM Client are you using? Have you been transfering your data between different versions of eM Client?
Have you noticed any errors after the import?

I was unable to replicate the issue and there should not be any problems with exporting and importing your data with the .xml file

What details weren’t saved except the mentioned passwords issue?


The latest edition v6
Nope, both versions are the same latest V6.
No shown errors, but the passwords were not validated.
The FB chat did not show any users. I had to delete the account and add it again.
The calendar colors were not restored
Some other settings for the calendar.

Is there anything I can help to find this issue?


if you could try the import again from a clean application and see if the issue shows again.

Although there’s been few reported issues with facebook chat which we’re trying to resolve and export of calendar colors is not supported by the export feature, but there should be no issues with exporting/importing passwords.

Thank you,

I have the same issue.  I’ve just installed the exact same version of eM Client (6.0.20320.0) on four machines.  I took a long time setting up all options on the first one.  Then used the export/import feature to get the settings on the other machines.  But only a fraction of the settings are saved in the XML file (I haven’t checked as others have reported whether some are in the XML file but not restored).  I’ve had to manually re-setup most settings on all the other machines.  This is certainly annoying.   Is it really necessary for us to list you what settings didn’t go through export/import?  there are tons of settings and I didn’t change nearly all of them, so I couldn’t tell you what ones work and don’t work.  Please, just go through *all* your settings and make sure they’re exported and imported.  That includes, *everything* that can be set in the Tools -> Settings interface, everything in the Tools -> Accounts interface, all the rules, all the View settings in the View menu, all category settings, etc etc.  Just do that, and we’re happy campers  :slight_smile:


Hi Marc, with the export of setting only account settings are exported, in order to import all your accounts into another instance of eM client. If you want to export all your settings you need to use your backup instead of exporting settings into .xml file.

The .xml file does not include any settings from Tools > Settings, thank you for understanding,