Exporting a blacklist to csv

Is there a way to export the blacklist from Rules to a csv file please.  I want to use the list at the server end for SpamAssasin

Hi Christine, unfortunately it is not possible to export the addresses from the blacklist to a .csv file, no export features are supported for this list type.


Hi Paul,  Thanks for that.  I have placed an “Ideas” post as a feature request, however just thought of another option.  When viewing the blacklist from the “Rules” if we were able to “select” either individually, selectively or “all” we could just then past the data into a file format of our choosing.  Is this a possibility to get in the future (very near if possible).


i would like to export any selection of contacts, and would rather have this in csv rather than vcf ( avoids going through a converter); exporting everything or nothing is not very nice.

Hi, you can export your contacts into a CSV file by selecting the contacts in the list of your contacts, right clicking the selection and navigating to Export > Export to CSV. You can then select the destination for export and all visible columns should be exported into the Comma Separated Values list.

You can also export your Tasks into a CSV file as well using the same instructions.


i saw it was coded in UTF8 and with semi colon separator. I would love to have all fields beetween quotes to avoid zip condes like 02300 beeing transformed upon import as 2300 because open office did not understand it was a text and not a number

I really need to export my blacklist to a list or export any way anyhow

Not directly.

What is the purpose for exporting it? How will you use the data?

@Gary - Here is an example: In a test, I updated eM Client to v9. After the test, I downgraded to eM Client v8. In the process, I lost the blacklist that I had built up over the past years. In my opinion, it would be polite to allow users to back up the data that they have invested a lot of time creating.

You can export Rules using Menu > File > Export > Export settings to xml file. Then choose the Rules option only.

Unfortunately you can’t export and import between different major versions. It will work between most 9.x versions, but not between 9.x and 8.x

If you are going to test a different version, make a backup before you upgrade, then later you can just restore that 8.x backup with all its settings.

Having searched for this subject and come across this thread, I just thought I would add a workaround for the “export blacklist” issue.

Just export the rules in XML, as detailed by Gary. Open the file (settings.xml) in notepad and then scroll down until you come to a list of email addresses between some gobbledegook (eg “<string>@accent-mr.com</string>”. If you’re like me, it’s a long list, but scroll to the end and highlight all the lines with email addresses/domains. Now copy this to Excel and use the “find and replace” function to tidy it up. Job done.

I’ve copied my blacklist to the server now, so hopefully, the crap won’t make it to my PC in the first place.


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