Exported VCARD photo - bad attribute "ENCODING=b"

When You export any contact with photo to VCARD, there is a bad format in file (attribute encoding):
In your exported file is:
but right is:

Have a nice day.
Martin Zaloudek, Czech republic.

Hi, I have asked developers abut this and I am waiting on their response.


You are wrong. In most cases we export vCard version 3, as specified by RFC 2426 (https://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2426.txt). In section 3.1.4 you can see that ENCODING=b is the correct way to specify the encoding.

vCard 2.1 used ENCODING=BASE64. We can import the older vCard data, but we can’t export them. vCard 4 uses data URIs instead, so the ENCODING parameter is not used anymore.