Export/Import Account Content

This morning, I had to deal with an extremely annoying problem:

An IMAP account became unreachable, so I wanted to back it up as an account and then delete it. → Problem: emClient does not offer an option to back up a single account. Always only “all”. Which is not an option for data protection reasons: the archive of a project account must contain only this data.

“No problem” I thought: you have all the data stored locally. You just export EML files. Very inelegant, but that’s the only way.

However, emClient complained permanently that the account was unreachable. To make matters worse, I was told several times that some data of older emails had to be downloaded – which was doomed to fail (see above: account unreachable).

I now have an incomplete backup, although I had explicitly activated “save everything locally” – which calls into question the documentation security of this function.

Why I am permanently reminded of a missing connection when I want to back up “locally stored data” is unclear to me. In any case, it was extremely annoying because the export process was therefore constantly interrupted, and I had to confirm dialogues.

  1. If “save locally” is active, also EVERYTHING must be saved locally and instantly.
  2. There must be a possibility to export an account individually and if necessary also to restore it individually. This is not witchcraft, just a filter before the backup function.