Export function - date range


I would like to export all Emails in eml format, but limited to a date range like 2015 or from xxx to xxx. I did not find an option. Did I miss something or are you planing to integrate this feature?

I am used to this from my previous email program and up to now I made backups per year.



We’re going to consider this idea for our upcoming releases, it’s certainly a valid feature request. Thank you for the suggestion.


nothing changed since my request. This would be such a simle function to implement. Is there an idea, when it can be available? It would help so much and save time.

Hello Volker,

This Idea was not implemented as you mention it BUT there is a simple workaround. With Ctrl + Shift + F you open the search engine. There you can add Rules: Received From, Received To that will sort out requested emails. Then you just mark all of them, move them or copy them into a designated folder and in Menu > File > Export you can export this folder into .eml. 

I hope this helps you.


Hi Russel,
unfortunately this is only a work around, that throws all Emails into one folder. I need the compete folder structure in the backup, thats the normal need for a backup.
Any news about when such a filter will be implemented? It is such a small change to add a filter.
Today emClient offers only the option “everything” or “nothing”.

Just trying to refresh this thread. I deal with thousands of emails that get filed in specific folders because I’m in real estate. Every address gets a folder. I’m getting bogged down by data size of the email archive and would like to export them out to drive or an external hard drive. I need to keep them for up to 6 years but have no way to export them. Any ideas?

The export function is in Menu/File/Export. You can choose many formats. I recommend EML. The pure EML files do not help a lot because each Email is exported to one EML-file and afterwards you have quite a lot of files. Hard to manage.
To easily access and archive the old emails I recommend the Free Email Archiving Software Mailstore Home https://www.mailstore.com/en/products/mailstore-home/
Great tool to searchand backup emails.

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