Export feature is lacking!

eM Client is a very good email tool. However, I find it is lacking in terms of EXPORT functionalities. You may ask, why would I need extra features in regards to exportation if I like EM CLIENT? Even if I paid for it, I believe I should be free to export emails that I archive to another program, should I decide to do so… There are various tools that you can buy to export to OUTLOOK such as “Birdie eM Client Converter” (if Outlook becomes your thing) or “EML to MBOX Converter” for those who like Thunderbird. For these you need to pay MORE MONEY.

eMClient is Windows bound, and many of us may use other operating systems and may wish to be able to view their archives on other operating systems.

I paid for a life time subscription for eMClient and for that, I shouldn’t have to rely on 3rd party software to export my archives ELSEWHERE. This is why a EM CLIENT should properly support exportation, not through XMLs which will force you to import every single piece of data into another email client you may want to use (imagine if you have thousands of emails!!!).

So yes, I do think this is a major feature LACKING in the product  which locks us in.