Export contacts to .csv file

Like Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and I believe even Thunderbird and Outlook - it would be excellent if you could export all contacts out to a single file - a .csv, rather than having to drag them all out to an external folder…or, if you don’t want to go this way, a method similar to exporting the mail which is automated through menu system etc…but something a little more intelligent?

Sure, would be excellent

the backup (that I believe would satisfy your request) feature is planned to be released with the version 3.2 of eM Client.
Meanwhile you can export by selecting multiple items (contacts, mail, ets.) and right-click at them, then select Export to .csv function.


Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for the reply. Sounds really good. When is 3.2 expected?

Multiexport of tasks, contacts, calendars should be available sooner (in couple of months approximately around the release of 3.2 version).

Hmm, if I select all my contacts in either the email view, or contacts view and right click, I see no option to Export???

I have 6. 0 + and still see no possibility to export to .csv ??

As far as I can see export of Contacts into .csv file is still not possible.

Is this correct?

When will it be available?

It is available–

  1. Highlight the contacts you wish to export
  2. Right-click on the highlighted list
  3. Select “Export list/Export to CSV”

When I select all my contacts then right click, I see no Export option at all. Using What am I missing, please?