Explain synchronization/check mail timing options for Exchange accounts

With respect to Exchange/Office365 email account, please explain the settings like:

  • Synchronize items every xx minutes
  • Include when sending/receiving emails
  • Send/Receive -> Receive All Messages

Ultimately, I want it to act like Outlook but can’t really understand what the options are doing and how to set them.  I want fast updates to the Inbox folder, but I DON’T really want it to synch all folders every 1 or 2 minutes…but if I click on the folder, it should synch/update then.

What are the suggested settings to make this happen reliably?

Hello, these setting are mostly working with POP3 accounts, having “Include when sending/receiving emails” option checked means the account will be included in the forcer re-sync after using the “Send and Receive” button.

Synchronize items every XX minutes also essentially controls the sync of POP3 accounts.

Receive all vs. Send All would either fetch new messages or send if automatic sending and receiving would be disabled.

So these settings are almost unrelated to your Exchange/Office365 account.

Hope this helps,

So how do I get it to sync only the Inbox folder regularly without it synchronizing every IMAP folder all the time, but still assure those other IMAP folders are current when I click on them?  What is the schedule for Inbox (and other folder) synching for new messages and how do I adjust it?

eM Client by default only synchronizes your Inbox folder and other folders are resynchronized when you click on the folder, unless you have “Download messages for offline use” option enabled for the account - this option would automatically download all your emails for offline use when available.

Exchange account keep a connection between the server to fetch new data for Inbox when available.