Expand Calendar Daily Event List in Month View

In ver. 7 the calendar month view would show up to 4 events per day and indicate additional events in the date bar. I never upgraded to ver. 8 because you limited the daily list in month view. Now in ver. 9 you are still doing it. Please reduce the size of the date bars to allow more events per day and move the additional events indication back up to the date bar.

Granted, I am not a ‘power user’, and don’t generally have more than 3 or 4 events per day, but I can’t be the only one that feels this way about the calendar…

Go to the calendar and in month view, click on a day.

While holding the Ctrl key on your keyboard, scroll you mouse wheel up/down to change the number of weeks that are displayed in the month view.

The less weeks, the more events per day can be displayed.

Interesting solution…thanks.

Still doesn’t address the issue of too much real estate used by the date and extra events notification in the month view of calendar. Would be nice to see maximum # of events and the whole month in the same view.