Exede / imap

Exede imap settings no longer work after upgrade to EMClient 7.1.30440.0 from 7.0.
1st - I mistakenly allowed 7.0 to 7.1 upgrade with emails still in my inbox (exede account only) and, to clear the headers, deleted the exede account and asked EMClient to add exede as a new account. The previous setup used imap Port 993 Legacy SSL. The new setup couldn’t establish imap and defaulted back to pop3 for incoming. Oddly, the smtp settings work in either pop3 or imap configuration without a problem making me believe it is NOT my user credentials causing the problem (I use credentials from account tab, not individual credentials) and exede requires credentials for smtp. The Diagnose button nearly immediatly reports “Server Not Responding”. The fix button on diagnostics tab tries various settings for about 2 minutes then reports “fixing failed”  Meanwhile the smtp shows green checkmark on first diagnose run.
1st - any simple fixes to make this work again? I need access to my [Sent] folder to document outgoing stuff sent on my phone from this account and POP3 doesn’t seem to get that folder.
2nd - I’ve checked the box for diagnostic logs smtp and imap but cannot figure out where the logs are being created (Win 7 system). I’ll upload to this thread if I can find the durn things!
3rd - anybody else having trouble with imap after 7.0 upgrade? Exede hasn’t changed ANYTHING that I can detect in the last 6 months so I have no clue what I’m screwing up with my attempts.
Thanks in advance for any troubleshooting ideas or fix approaches you can offer. Still love EMClient, just getting frustrated after a week of bouncing my head on an apparent wall.

If this helps, here’s what exede settings are supposed to be…
Inbound POP mail.exede.net 995 SSL
Inbound IMAP mail.exede.net 993 SSL
Outbound SMTP SMTP.exede.net 465 587 SSL StartTLS
Additionally, my phone settings agree with this table and have not changed AND continue to work for imap. WTH?