Excluding an email account from Smart Folders

Is there or will there be a way to exclude an email account from Smart Folders? Thank you.


There is not now, but I would love that feature.  I would like the ability to have different sets of smart folders, e.g., home and work.  Right now I have to use two email clients.

Similar idea can be done using search folders, where you can choose which folders to include, but you don’t get the message count next to the folder as in smart folders.

You are absolutely correct.  Just kind of a pain to setup.

I would love this feature as well.  Have an “info@” email for work that I really don’t want in my Smart Folder Inbox.   Maybe a switch in the Account Properties page where you can uncheck the box if you don’t want that account in Smart Folders?

Hello all,

Thank you for your ideas.
I changed the thread description to Idea so you can vote for it. We will consider it while developing new version of eM Client.


Also I would ABSOLUTELY appreciate this feature! Thank you in advance.

This would be great. I hope we one day can have it! :slight_smile:

I actually BADLY need this feature. As a PRO user, I have 11 email accounts in eM Client. One of them receives LOTS of messages every day. Not junk, but important. That makes it difficult for me to find new messages in other accounts in Smart Folders / All Inboxes, because they often are “down somewhere” under the long list of the messages in this very active account. If I simply could “switch off” this one account, it would help A LOT.

Please VOTE for this feature, guys! Thank you. :slight_smile:

Has this feature still not been implemented? It is available on competing products. 

Hi Russel, I just stumbled upon this, as I just was searching for this feature. I don’t think it’s implemented yet, at least I could’nt find it. As you’re revamping Search Folders and Smart Folders anyway for Version 8 (which really is brillant so far!), might you consider to either add an option to exclude accounts from Smart Folders, or to add unread count to Search Folders? :slight_smile:

Either one would be highly appreciated!