Exclude folders from Sync

I did some reading, but was unable to find an answer that was current.  Most threads were from 3 years ago.

Im trying to exclude certain folders from syncing every time eM clients syncs.  I currently have a gmail account, as well as an Outlook account setup.  The gmail account is relatively new, and pretty small, but my Outlook account is probably almost 10yrs old, and has alot of old archived email which I dont need sync’d every time.  It does take longer than I’d like to sync Outlook, so if this can be reduced, that would be great.

Poking around in the settings and elsewhere didnt yield any results, but maybe im overlooking something. 

Outlook is currently setup with IMAP (in the account settings both IMAP, and STMP are checked).

Hope someone can shed some light on this, thanks!