exclamation mark

Just notices a red triangle with an exclamation mark and not sure what it means.  Anyon shed some light? Pic below.


I’m getting the same

I’ve just solved it.  This occurred after some ‘windows updates’.  My activation key seems to have been deleted.  I solved it by going to HELP, then clicking LICENSE, the click ACTIVATE.  You then paste in your activation key, and all now seems to work fine.  Fortunately, I was able to find my activation key in an old email from eClient.  Even with the free version you will have an activation key somewhere.

Hope this helps.

Good thought David. Apparently, the triangle has different meanings.  “Unfortunately”, mine was Activated, so that fix isn’t applicable.

Sorry about that Michael. Hope you manage to find a fix. Sorry I can’t be of more help


Thanks for the empathy:)


What kind of mail account type are you using?
Thank you.


Thanks for responding Dave,

IMAP/SMTP, is that what you mean?


Or do you mean POP3?