Exchange works with emails but not with calendar, tasks

Exchange client is super for emails, but all others didn ́t work. like calendar , tasks…I only get a email from the em for the test of the konto.

I ́ve got it! You have to decide not to use the automatic detection. You have to choose the email with the exchange button.

Glad it works, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.


I haven’t had any luck with the Exchange Calendar, Contacts, or Tasks, at all.  I’ve tried using the Automatic, Outlook, Exchange, and Other.  none of them seem to work.

Usually an Office 365 account is as easy as entering your email address in Automatic Setup, and a few clicks later everything is there. The same with using Exchange.

What exactly doesn’t work?

My client set up the Office 365 account, because I represent them a lot, so it’s using their domain name.when I enter the address, it runs for a while and then fails. I go in and add the correct servers and ports, because it was looking for something with the same domain as the address, and it goes through, but never sets up the calendar, contacts, or tasks. Actually, when I run the diagnostic, I have to let it FIX the SMTP.

So you are using IMAP not Exchange?

It sounds like he is which explains why the Calendaring is not working.

When I set up my Hotmail account using AutoDiscovery, eM Client tried to configure it as IMAP rather than use EWS (Exchange) so maybe this is what you have done. Manually select Exchange from the list and then enter your O365 address and it will be setup correctly.

Once set up, in the Accounts window, underneath the email address name for each account, it shows the features that eM Client can sync. If it doesn’t say “Mail, Calendar, Contacts” then it isn’t setup right for O365.

OK.  Let try this again, while I have 2 hands typing and I’m not half asleep.

Above I described the “Other” method, after I tried the Exchange Method.  Sorry for the confusion.  Now the Exchange Method.

I enter the email address and all the info it asks for, then the account dialog shows up with the account highlighted and on the right I see the tabs General, IMAP, SMTP, Diagnostics.  Then I get a Password Required Dialog "Server says “[AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Authentication Failed”, and asks for my user name and password again, which I know are correct.
Notice, on the left, it’s not even trying to add in the Calendar, Contacts, & Tasks.

I never saw that before in eM Client when using Mail > Exchange. It is not setting up the account as Exchange, it is using IMAP instead.

It should look like this

It may have to do with your domain being hosted by Office365.

If you have a Pro License, you could open a support ticket, and they will be able to assist you further.

Never seen that. 

I don’t remember if this is a thing, because I never expected to use Exchange, is there an option when Installing that asks if you want Exchange installed?

If you use Automatic Setup, the application will query the server for the best setup option. If you use Mail > Exchange, it should setup as Exchange, not IMAP.

I just setup a test account using the Exchange option, the same as you did on the server and it changed from Exchange to IMAP.

Either the server does not support Exchange, or it is not providing the correct information.

If it does support Exchange, you can open a support ticket with eM Client and ask them to write you an entry for providers.xml for your server, or you can get your provider to fix the problem.

Thanks.  I opened a ticket.  I’ll let you know what they find.