Exchange Web Services

I am trying to connect to an Exchange 2010 account and getting this message every time the program starts.  
I also see this message at the bottom of the window.  “The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send”.  I have tried turning off the firewall on the server with no success.  The confusing part if that this client has been working for months, then all of a sudden it stopped.  To my knowledge there hasn’t been any change to the network or equipment to keep this from working.  Any suggestions?   

Does it say something about an unsecured SSL/TLS channel? I have the very same problem…

No I haven’t seen that error.

Have you checked the tab “Log” for it?

Yes, the only useful message I see is the one listed above “the underlying connection was closed an unexpected error occurred on a send”

Hello Jon,
seems like a server-side issue, however I suggest updating to the latest version of eM Client available on our website and removing and re-adding this account.
If the issue persists, we can try setting up Exchange logs to see if we can find out more about the issue from Client side.


I have the very same problem…
I’m already install the latest version.