Exchange sync fails for several hours


I am using the latest eM Client version 6.0 20320.0

Am not sure why, but every day during 2 to 3 hours emails sync fails. Gmail fails less but Exchange fails often.

It stays stuck on the sync of a specific folder I have named “READ” and where i put emails I have read. I tried closing and re-opening eM Client several times with no improvement.

Emails from my Exchange account sync perfectly well on my Samsung Galaxy phone using MS Active Sync.
Strange thing is that on my phone, my company asked me to use as Server name : if I use that on em Client it systematically fails to connect. When I leave the default Server name that comes after creation of account in eM Client, then em Client connects :

But perhaps this connection without MS Active sync is not reliable ??

Is there a max number of emails in total or per folder with eM Client ?
or is there a max size for individual emails like 10 Mb or something ?
I am also synching my contacts and Calendar with Exchnage. Could that be the reason ?

For no obvious reasons eM client Exchange sync suddenly starts working fine at some point, but every evening when I get home I am stuck for 2 to 3 hours and then it works.

Am not able to upload pictures here on your Support web page. I click on the camera picture and then browse to my hard disk and choose a screen capture. But any picture I choose, whether .jpg or .png or.gif and only 100 Kb size refuses to load. Web site says "SyntaxError: Incorrect character. So I have uploaded them all on

Here is the download link :

These are the files uploaded :
1-eM Exchange Settings 1.jpg
2-eM Exchange Settings 2.jpg
3-eM Exchange Failed.jpg
4-eM Exchange full page.jpg
5-Exchange Stuck on Read folder.jpg
6-Gmail failed.jpg
7-Samsung Galaxy.jpg
8-2014-06-11_00-52-00 Ericsson Exchange Web Services.log
9-2014-06-11_01-03-09 Ericsson Exchange Web Services.log
9b-Exchange Passed.jpg

For setup that works perfectly on my Android Galaxy phone, see picture : 7-Samsung Galaxy.jpg, on

To see my eM Client Exchange account setings, see pictures 1 & 2.

To see my eM Client Operations Error tab message see picture 3.

To see my eM Client full screen showing exchange stuck on sync of a folder picture 4.

To see log files taken from start/opening of eM Client till Exchange accoutn get stuck pictures 8 & 9.

==> Please tell me what is wrong. It is really unpleasant to be stuck every day for several hours.

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Hi Imrana,
It’s not possible to setup an Exchange account using the Active Sync protocol, it’s not supported due to licensing issues, so you have to use the Exchange Web Services protocol, that’s automatically setup.
( is an ActiveSync’ server address).

eM Client does not have any limits what so ever, only limit you have is that you can only setup two accounts with the free license of eM client if you’re using the application for home/personal use only.
Otherwise you have to pay for a pro license.

Can you try installing this update on your computer (, let me know if the performance improved or if it helped the issue you’re having.

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

I installed the suggested eM Client update ( and for now it seems that the Exchange account sync is working OK. I will keep monitoring and if any issues will let you know.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Glad it works, let me know if the issue occurs again or if you come across any other issues, or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

Hi Paul,
Unfortunately version 6.0.20489 did not solve my issue.
Exchange sync still blocks for several hours on folder “READ”.
I have sent you a mail Paul with the stack dump.
Please see if you can find why sync stays stuck.

Hi Imrana, we’re reviewing the data you’ve sent us, please be patient, I will let you know once I have more information about this issue.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Paul,

Just to let you know that your eM Client developers did a good job.

Seems there was an issue in Exchange while updating some contacts.

That was fixed and eM Client V6.0.20617 and Exchange is now syncing nicely.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Imrana, great, glad everything works now, sorry it took a while.
Let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,