exchange server rules

EM Client follows, but does not allow editing of exchange server rules. This would be great!

Good idea, however, as long as emClient does not improve the existing rules handling you will never see any move towards OL like rules either.


We’re still looking into being able to change Exchange server rules. It is something we’re aiming to fix before the final release of version 7.


Thank you for the update, that is very exciting!

I’ve just started using eM Client and I think is an awesome piece of software. As currently I’m working as a consultant with a customer, they are using Exchange 2007 and because of this I cannot add my assigned email account into Outlook 2016 I’m forced to use with my corporate email from the company. eM Client allowed me to work with this Exchange 2007 server under OWA based access, but the rules I create inside eM Client are not published to the server side. This forces me to create the rules from OWA which is very limited. What about the server rules support you were talking about? I’m using the latest 7.x eM Client version available with the Pro License and lifetime upgrades!

Is there any news regarding this feature? Having to whitelist each domain on the server is very annoying :-/