Exchange Server problems

I have several issues with Exchange Server. I have a paid license but the support is unresponsive. Maybe the community is more helpful:

Problem #1:
I delete an email (e.g. a calender meeting invitation). Well, it reappears in my inbox as soon as I hit “refresh”. I conclude that the local email item was deleted, but it was not synch’d to the Exchange server. Hence the “Refresh” pulled the same email again from the server and it reappeared in my inbox. I suspect that the problem derives from incomplete ActiveSync synchronization. Problems like this are happening all the time. What can I do about them? 

Problem #2
I reply to an email

  • a little curved arrow appears next to the email, indicating that was answered.
  • I then sync on a second computer
  • the little arrow is not present on the second computer.
    With Outlook (on a LAN), the arrow would be present also on the 2nd computer. Why can’t emClient synchronize the “answered” status correctly?

Problem #3:
on Exchange Server I have “delegated” the rights to my secretary. When she deletes a calendar appointment, it disappears from MS Outlook (Client over LAN) and also from Samsung Calendar (which synchronizes with Exchange Server over ActiveSync similarly to eM Client). However, the deleted appointments do not disappear from eM client.

I understand that MS Exchange over the internet (not over LAN) has a difficult protocol. But it seems to me that it is very poorly implemented in eM Client. Am I the only one with such issues?

If you login to the eM Client Support page and change the priority of your ticket from low to medium, you may get a quicker response. Also bear in mind that they don’t work on the weekend, so submitting a new ticket on a Friday afternoon will not get a response before Monday. :wink:

There were some known issues with syncing deleted items with Exchange servers. Apparently this has been fixed and is included in the latest release available in the Release History. If you are not already using Friday’s update, download and install it now. See if there is any difference.

Problem #2. eM Client, like most email clients, stores the replied/forwarded tag in the local message database. That is not synced with the server, so will not sync to other devices.

Thank you Gary, this is very helpful. I had performed the update check but it did not identify the new release. I now downloaded and installed it manually.

As for problem #2, if I reply with Outlook Client (within the LAN), the reply tag will appear on my Samsung email client. This seems to indicate that it is possible to store the reply tag on the Exchange Server and have it propagating to other clients.

many thanks, I appreciate your help.

Yeah, I just checked and the tags are syncing with the sever. So using another email client I can see I replied to a message. When I reply on another email client, that tag is not syncing back to eM Client. So it appears to be a bit unreliable. Maybe it does not work in all cases.

I just discovered that this may be a conversation feature. When conversations are enabled, the “message list” is actually a conversation list, so it does not display these icons. If you disable conversations in eM Client (Menu > View > Conversations) you can see the replied/forwarded icons in the list.

Either way, the replied/forwarded notification is still in the message preview on the right.